We are always looking for help. This page will show you how to become involved
with the campaign.

How to help

There are several ways to get involved with the campaign.

For example, you can help plan an event:

Example: Call together a group of "Rum" River name change activists to stage a protest against the derogatory "Rum" River name.

Protest suggestion: Protest by holding up protest signs against the derogatory "Rum" River name where there is a Rum River sign displayed.

Another example: Call together a group of "Rum" River name change supporters to take a canoe trip on the river. While on the canoe trip, display signs supporting the name change. Also, stop at key locations on the river and talk to people about the Rum River name change organization and movement.

Canoe journey down the Wakan/"Rum" River:
An article about our plan to canoe down the Wakan/"Rum" River from its mouth on Mille Lacs Lake to its confluence with the Mississippi River and while doing so, both, promote the name change of the river as well as stop along the way to set up colorful tepees and camps at key environmental locations as "environmental schools" to promote American Indian environmental awareness can be found at environmental activism.

Distribute literature: Make "support the effort to rename the 'Rum' River" posters and display them in public places. Include, the Rum River name change web site address on the posters.

Write and send letters to organizations, tribal councils, Native American newspapers, etc., letters wherein you solicit their support for the effort to change the "Rum" River's derogatory name.

Speak to social concerns church committees, with the intent of soliciting their support for the name change.

Organizations can help us to change the derogatory Rum River name by sending a letter of support to our organization's headquarters.

Join, or form, a Rum River name change group and then get involved with activities to help promote support for the name change.

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