Most recent precedents:
There is a groundswell of support, especially in Isanti County, for the effort to change the derogatory and profane (faulty-translation) name of Minnesota's "Rum River". Some evidence of this groundswell of support can be witnesses by the number of sites that have recently been named "Spirit River" or "Wakan River". To view a list of sites named "Spirit River" or "Wakan River" click groundswell of support .

(1.) There's a precedent in Minnesota for changing the Rum's name. In 1995, Minnesota became the first state to ban the name "squaw," resulting in the renaming of 20 state geographic features. Since then, several other states, including Oregon and Maine, have banned the word. Reference: October 3, 2006 - Star Tribune newspaper article

(2.) Last month, the Cambridge City Council took its own stand in Dahlheimer's crusade, voting to rename West Rum River Drive to Spirit River Drive. Reference: October 3, 2006 - Star Tribune newspaper article

(3.) Along with the Cambridge campus of Anoka-Ramsey Community College and the Isanti County Active Living by Design, the city (Cambridge) also has named a part of a new community trail system Spirit River Nature Area. "We understand we can't rename the river on our own, but we wanted to at least recognize the Native American history of this area," said Stoney Hiljus, Cambridge's city administrator. Reference: October 3, 2006 - Star Tribune newspaper article

To view more information about Spirit River Naure Area click nature area .

(4.) An August 31, 2005 Saint Paul Pioneer Press "briefing" about the name-change of Lake Wagonga to Lake Wakanda is presented below.

State officials are now recognizing a Kandiyohi County lake by its traditional name. Gen Merriam, commissioner of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, signed an affidavit last week changing Wagonga Lake to Lake Wakanda. That means Wakanda is the official name for state use. Residents signed a petition a couple of years ago to change the name to Wakanda, which is more closely aligned with the Dakota word that means sacred place. The name is Wagonga Lake on current maps. County officials approved the name change in July

Click name changes to view a Minnesota DNR list of geographic place names that have been changed.

(5.) A Minnesota legislative precedent, associated with the Rum River name-change movement, was set in the year of 1995. The follow statement was published in 1995. "Recently the State of Minnesota passed legislation making it illegal to sell products that state or imply a connection to American Indian leaders; the law was aimed in particular at eliminating the sale of Crazy Horse Malt Liquor in Minnesota.

More information about the 1995 legislative precedent can be found at: legislation to change the name of a produce that degrades Natives

An associated protest letter, by Jim Postema, can be found at: "..the sad history of the use of alcohol by Europeans as a tool to exploit Natives."

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