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Hereditary chief's Mille Lacs area interpretive sign
"Reclaiming the Rum River" - Minneapolis American Indian Center Dakota group
Alcohol in the fur trade
Sacred homeland
Mille Lacs' role in Dakota culture
Restore Ogechie Lake
The importance of Mille Lacs Lake in the history and culture of the Dakota people
Reclaiming MinnesotaMini Sota Makoce, the Dakota homeland
Regaining The Dakota's Ancestral Homeland
History Of The Dakota People In Minnesota
Establishing a Wakan/"Mille Lac" Lake area Dakota Unity Alliance
History Of The Dakota People In Anoka County
Who forced the Dakota from their Wakan/"Rum" River homeland?
Pioneer Press article - Rum River may flow back to its root
Minnesota Indian Affairs Draft Resolution
Dakota Human Rights Violations In Anoka, Minnesota
Dakota Rights Activist Initiatives
Independent Indigenous Sovereign Nations